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K11xCTG Terms and Conditions (EN)

  1. Privilege code applicable for True/dtac customers who purchase GO Travel International Roaming Package or GO Travel SIM at 199THB or more only.
  2. Privilege unusable with advance purchase Roaming package (True).
  3. Campaign period: 01 April – 30 April 2024.
  4. Traveling period: 01 April – 30 September 2024.
  5. Limited to 1 code/1 number throughout the campaign period.
  6. The promotion code allows for the purchase of a K11MUSEA package only once per phone number.
  7. Upon receiving the promotion code, customers must proceed to order the package and complete the payment to qualify for the privilege to purchase a free flight ticket. (The price does not include taxes and other fees from the airline, approximately 4,000 Baht per seat.)
  8. Customers can check available dates and times for flight reservations through Aviation (Thailand), License for Travel No. 11/08792. The company will act as the authorized agent to facilitate the flight ticket reservation on behalf of the customers.
  9. Each package has a different number of flight tickets. The company reserves the right to change this without prior notice.
  10. The company reserves the right to refund the free flight ticket code within 3 days of receiving the code.
  11. Customers must register as members to qualify for free flight ticket reservations. Membership can be obtained at K11 without any charges:
  12. Customers booking flights to Hong Kong must stay in Hong Kong for a minimum of 2 days and cannot extend their stay beyond 7 days.